Lucy du Sautoy




The Executive


"We spend, on average about half of our mental activity on some kind of daydreaming."

Jerome L. Singer


Daydreaming is the mind-wandering state that exists between conscious, task-related thought, and sleep.   Daydreams often occur during moments of routine and boredom; and can take the form of fleeting unstructured mental associations, or carefully imagined fantasies.  Daydreams are deeply personal to each of us.  We all live in a sort of parallel universe slipping easily and imperceptibly between focused attention, and an alternative inner daydreaming world where we are free and anything goes.


I paint subjects engaging the familiar and commonplace in a spirit of distraction and absent-mindedness. The view from a train or drawings on a foggy window are everyday and overlooked, yet they offer us a picture of what it means to be alive at a fundamental level.  I aim to create a sense of recognition that can allow the viewer to overlay the painting with their own mental imagery, or to imagine what might have led to or might follow this moment. I aim to trigger your daydreams.


Widely considered by psychologists to be essential for our mental health and wellbeing, daydreaming is an unavoidable escape, a means of control and an opportunity for freedom. It is a place to explore your inner hopes and fears and to find possible ways to achieve or overcome them.  In a daydream you can be the superhero, the villain - or, simply, the real you.


"Daydreaming is that special kind of holiday where you don't need to take out travel insurance; it is the traceless transgression, the victimless crime." Gregory Dart.






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